The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Anonymous asked: What is your type?

To be completely honest, I like a girl that balances me out and brings me down to earth SOMETIMES because I’m pretty out there

Anything can crumble within seconds, so don’t ever hold on so tight

Me playing live

seawich asked: i'll apply to be your good girl

you’re hired


I won’t see 25 but I’m here for 22

Anonymous asked: Any books recommandation for tattoos and in general?

no, tattoos are a personal thing. Find something that’s personal to you, it’s your body. 

My healing hand tattoo is itchy as fok, someone get over here and scratch around it

Anonymous asked: im not human im a multidimensional thing surfing the web

All of you are

Anonymous asked: do you watch Japanese horror films

Nah nope no naw never neener neener