You are media crazy like flies to a pile of shit


Ya got the wrong guy

Me right now and forever

Yet must he labour underground eternally. The sun is not for him, nor the flowers, nor the voices of the birds; for he is past beyond all these.

Cheap wine + early german thrash metal = me doing the twist in my battle jacket

Anonymous said: R u single yet

R u dead yet

Something got hold of me

Anonymous said: Happy October 1st!

Thanks, I’ve been celebrating with pumpkin ale. Many surprises await in this magical month

Anonymous said: Serial Killer Culture - you'll enjoy it Nicholas.

I could also not enjoy it

shannelbrinley said: you're hawt..... like noticeeee meeee babeee!!!!??!!?!?!111?!!11?!!??!

This world is a joke

Just because you don’t know where I’m going doesn’t mean I’m lost

This is the night wherein I am lost, the love through which I am no longer I.

The more I learned, the deeper I fell