The only truth I’ve ever known is the truth about myself

I do not have a twitter or instagram, if anyone is posing on there as me do not encourage the troll. This is the only social network I have left

Anonymous said: Thus guy I use to talked used your photos and catfished tf outta me and idkkkkk

This has happened to me a bunch of times idk why people are so embarrassed of themselves that they have to pretend to be me i’m shit

When you realize that the now destroys the purity of everything you will be free

arpfive said: when are you gonna share your music again

I make music under a different name and genre and I don’t put it on this tumblr


Zombie, a.k.a Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979) directed by Lucio Fulci.

They tell you to be yourself when you are young but then they expect you to stop at a certain age and give up/give in. To settle, I say fuck you.

Anonymous said: what's your girls sun sign...

Suck it

Anonymous said: Do you not answer questions anymore?

If it’s a good question then yes

Everyone sleeps but me

When you spend your days alone, you learn more about yourself and less about them

The strangest life I’ve ever lived